Today I have committed to choosing the music and emailing the text to Mike, the photographer.  How boring is this going to be?  I mean for others!  What in the world can I do that has not already been done by others?  Yoga has been for thousands of years, presented in thousands of ways, and here I am a nobody in the yogic world sharing what I do and how I do it.  Yet, this is the beauty of yoga.  I only provide the space (a small one), the basic guidance, and those who watch will be guided by the greatest teacher of them all; their own bodies.  This is the beauty of yoga.  We only have to step up, walk through our fears, and be willing to be inspired.  Then the magic happens as our bodies and minds respond to the caring and the love.  I tell my participants- this is not the Marines.  So I hope to provide the place so that whoever wants to join me on this incredible journey can feel comfortable doing so.