Perhaps we step onto our mats today thinking of the physical power that we will gain by stretching and strengthening our bodies.  Yes, all that happens gradually over time as we move through postures and poses, yet true power is growing inside us as we focus our mind, quiet our thoughts, and move to a place deep within us where our true strength resides.  It’s a process that happens over time and gradually, until one day we realize that we have been able to accomplish a task easily; a task that would have baffled or been a challenge previously.  Yesterday, I got up at 4:30 in the morning to drive across town to teach yoga at a Conference.  I taught my regular class later in the morning and then went about my day doing household tasks and spending time with family and friends.  Even in my youth, I would have suffered from the lack of sleep, yet I did not suffer any consequences or was even very tired last night.  Drawing from the deep reserves of “power” within me; the power that comes from service to others, it was an easy day with no consequences.  Such is the true strength that lies within us.