For most of my life I have lived in the fear that I would become a bag lady.  That fear drove me to stay in jobs that I did not like and relationships that were destructive to my soul.  Finally, in desperation, I began to let go; let go of people, places, and things that were contrary to a spiritual path.  As I moved along desire began to melt away.  I can vividly  remember a moment when I walked into a clothing store and found myself admiring the beauty of things and not having the desire to possess them.  This losing of desire leads me to samtosa/ contentment; this place of peace where whatever comes my way is accepted with gratitude and what does not come is not longed for.   I wonder what our world would be like if for one day we were all content; content with who we are, content with what we have, content to just be, be of service without desire for money, property, and prestige, desiring to be desire less.