I awoke today being reminded that I can only prepare for spiritual growth; I cannot control it.  If I come to the place where I can accept that I am powerless over other people, places and things, then I can accept that I am powerless over myself.  And this is a comfortable place for me to be today.  Knowing that Something/Someone is in charge of my life as well as others, I can move forward into the day and just do/be whatever comes.  Everything that comes into my life is an opportunity for me to learn, grow, and deepen my faith in a Power Greater that Myself.  And I believe that a Power is there to guide me into a place of Joy and Love.  Svadhisthana/ our second cakra, when activated, physically invites us into this place of joy.  Today, just for today, I will prepare for spiritual growth.  I will meditate, pray, write, read spiritual books, and fill my body and my brain with what is good for me.  I’ll step onto my mat, letting go of ego and embracing all that I am today and all that I can do with gratitude and love.