IMG_0401As we step onto our yoga mats we may be seeking the perfect body or the perfect world.  Then we discover that yoga is about being at peace with our imperfect bodies and our imperfect world.  Several years ago at a training in Hood River, Or., surrounded by beautiful, capable, and gifted yogis as I had been for years, our master trainer, Stephanie, guided the class into a triangle pose.  Coming to my side and after making a small adjustment she quietly said the word “perfect”.  That one word touched the perfect place within me and I was forever changed.  We can call that place Goddess, God, Spirit, Goodness, Love, Light, or whatever we choose.  It’s within us all and always will be.  So today I say to you- “The Light (the Perfect) within me  bows to the Light (the Perfect) within in you.  Namaste”