It’s time to really look at my summer project.  I’ve moved the stove several times in the past few years and while lifting and moving it the question always ran through my mind, ” Why would I want to keep this?”  It’s time to look at the stove with a realistic eye and what I see is an old, rusted, possible antique item, whose accessories may or may not all be there.  

I’ve been through restoration projects many times in my life and they always ended with my spending too much money and way too much time only to discover that what I had so passionately poured my heart into was really worth nothing; nothing to anyone else.  What is it within me that  resists what the rest of the world does?  Why don’t I just go to the store and buy a cheap something made in a far away country, use it until it falls apart, then throw it away and get a new one.  I think I have a mutant gene passed on from parents who survived the Depression; parents who created what we needed from whatever was around them at the time.


I take apart the stove.  Rust covers the outside, the inside and all it’s parts.  The bolts that hold it together are rusted into the structure.  The base looks doubtful.  I think I will start out slow.  A bit of investigation might be a good idea.  Today, just for today, I will embrace modern technology to answer questions about this item from the past.  I will Google.