After a short vacation I’m ready to return to restoring the stove.  It’s a calm summer morning and the sun has not yet fallen onto the patio.   I have the birds keeping me company as I gather together the tools that I will need.  Even with rubber gloves, I can feel the gritty surface of the sandpaper sliding over cast iron.  It feels good to be back working with my hands.  I sand, I clean away the rusty debris, I think, I dream, I enjoy the rhythmic sounds and warm breath behind the dusk mask.  There is a pattern that quickly returns to my work.  

Today, just for today, I am grateful that this is not a “must do quickly” project.  I have spent most of my time on this planet rushing through life and always with the anticipation of what would be coming next.  Knowing that I am older, like my stove companion, has brought me to a place where I am willing to accept a slower, a more peaceful, pace.  I’m finally allowing my body and my mind to access the flow of the Universe without pushing through it and it feels good.

I take a break.  The sun has now fallen over the stove and I have a realization.  What I have been doing, this slow sanding away of the rust of a long life, is uncovering not defects on the stove, but patterns that were intentional in its design; diamond shapes and gentle swirls, soft rounded corners and fluted columns.  Such beauty!  It is a reminder to me that so we easily focus on our “defects” when with a bit of love and care those “defects” reveal themselves as the beauty of our nature.  Our unique personalities are a part of the beauty of the Universe.  Perhaps it is time to embrace them.