Yesterday I Googled sand casting and was intrigued by the process of casting iron using sand as the mold. It’s a painstaking process. I remember watching Anthony Perkins in the movie The World’s Fastest Indian when he was making parts for his Indian motorcycle and hand casting them. It’s an art that I now admire.
As I sit to sand I imagine the stove being removed from its mold and being all shiny and new. Even though I am uncovering parts of the original iron, I know that I will never see it in its original condition. That’s Ok today. I’m appreciating the stove for what it is now. I’m appreciating its usefulness in the world that brought on the rust and grime. My only goal is to give the stove a bit of love and care. The stove no longer has to prove itself through use, it can be appreciated for what it is today- a beautiful work of art, cast from sand, and and designed with beauty as well as usefulness.