I had such a good time sharing about the refinishing of the stove. I find myself wanting to continue this blog. I will began again and this time on a different subject- food.
This will not be a blog concerning the evils of our food industry. Neither will it it be a “foodie” show. I’m not a gourmet, chef, nutritionist, gardener, producer of or seller of food. I’m not even a writer, but just a regular person with an appreciation of eating and a person in possession of a blog.
I am also ready to give up the fear and loathing of my belly. I’m tired of being at war with food and my body. I have spend my life considering myself “chubby” and being impelled to eat less. Now I know that only through attention and sharing can I come to a place of peace with who I am today. I am all too aware of this short life I have been given. I don’t want to leave this body and this earth with regrets, bitterness, or negativity regarding my body or food.
Instead, I will present what I love about food, memories that created an atmosphere for that love, and an extreme amount of gratitude. I am able to eat! I am able to choose my food and what I eat today. I am surrounded with the goodness of this earth. I believe that expressing love and gratitude instead of negativity and anger will manifest what I need and I will remind myself that attention leads to transformation. It may not be a transformation of my body (no expectations here) but a transformation of my mind. I believe that my purpose on this earth is to live coming from a place of peace and Love. I also believe in having a lot of fun and so many of the happy times in my life involved food and those that lovingly created what I have eaten. I’m here to share that with you.