I’m not a huge bread eater despite being raised in Kansas, “The Wheat State”. But I love to bake bread. In my opinion, my mom baked the best rye bread in our Swedish community. It wasn’t until later in my life, and with some inspiration from Julia Child ,that I began to bake bread.
I love the feel and the smell of the dough. I love that it is a long process from the mixing, to the rising, and finally to the baking. When I bake bread I am committed to a long, leisurely day culminating in a house that smells heavenly and bread that is warm from the oven. Even if it comes out “wrong” it is still wonderful.
I can make the product as simple or as complex as I want. Cinnamon rolls and Swedish tea rings involve some extra steps. Speaking of cinnamon rolls, I was with the family in Weatherford, Tx atIMG_0185 a small Italian restaurant and our meal included what looked like a cinnamon roll, but it was savory with salt and garlic. It was so awesome that I have been trying to duplicate it. It’s a nice change from crusty Italian bread.
I make bread with King Arthur Flour. I love that name- King Arthur Flour. It’s so royal sounding much like King Oscar Coffee that was a staple in our Swedish community in Kansas.
So here’s to all things wheat. It’s green and growing in the spring. Then it ripens into glorious fields of waving grain (yes, it really waves in the wind).
I remember walking in those fields as a child; endless blue skies, white clouds, the sounds of the mockingbirds riding the waves of grain. I remember riding on the combine during harvest, hauling truckloads of wheat to the grain elevators, and fresh bread. Thank you God for memories and for wheat.