Years ago I read that the perfect food is a bag of potato chips. Why? Because it engages so many of our senses.
First we get to touch the shiny, puffy bag. There is pleasure in pulling apart the sealed top directly under our noses so that the smell of the chips hits us in a delirious blast to the brain.
The first chip is the best. We can hear the crunch of the chip as it is mangled between the teeth. The flavor of salt satisfies primitive cravings; our bodies rely on this mineral of the earth.
Add a sweet, sugary soda and the experience is complete. As a cook it is my goal to have this complete experience available when I sit to eat or share a meal.
What could be better than a potato chip? What could possibly make a chip better? Why cheese, of course. Thus, my life was elevated when Cheetos were invented. Years ago when working as a cashier at the Hilton I had as customers a couple who were related to the inventor of Cheetos. They were so happy, just as I am whenever I indulge myself with Cheetos.
Summer food- why cold sandwiches, of course, with the accompaniment of potato chips or Cheetos. Perfect!
Over the years I have embraced healthier versions of chips. I am just as passionate for salted radishes or crunchy cucumbers with a summer meal, again leading to what this blog is all about. Whatever may be our small indulgence- love it, embrace it, savor it in mindfulness and respect for the ability to enjoy the full experience of what we eat. It’s a gift.