It is such a pleasure eating out, enjoying the company of family and friends, being inspired by dishes that I am unable to prepare at home.
I am a food adventurer. I love discovering a restaurant that serves food that I have read about in books or on the Internet. Then, blessed with courage, I rely on my taste to recreate at home what I have eaten.
I remember my father as being a foodie. He was a man who seemed to enjoy all food put before him and my mom’s motto was “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Surviving the Depression and WWII as much food as possible came from our garden and neighbors. Meals were created with what we had on hand and shared with whomever happened to stop by our house.
We did not eat out when I was young. Living in the country and with my folks running a 24/7 company, all our meals were at home. It was breakfast, coffee and pastries at 10:00, lunch, 4:00 coffee and pastries, and then supper. Cooking was a full time job!
When I began going to school there was no packing a lunch for me! In grade school and high school we had meals (and I mean meals) cooked by ladies of the community. That was eating out. And then there were potlucks put on by the churches and ice cream festivals. Still not a restaurant in sight.
Finally things began to change for me when I began high school. I remember my first Sandy’s hamburger and the onion rings that I was able to afford after an evening of bowling in Salina with high school friends.
Later, being married, poor, and hungry were the factors that drove me to home cooking. Eating out was for very special occasions!
Now I find eating out expensive, but it is an event that occasionally fits into my budget.
I believe that by having such easy access to prepared food we may have lost our appreciation for food. I need to be reminded of how precious are our resources, how much food is wasted, how many people in this world are still going hungry despite all the advances in food production, how much money could be saved by eating at home, making the occasion of eating out a treat.
But whatever I choose to do today, eating at home or the occasional meal out, as I said at the beginning of this blog, my sharings are about expressing gratitude for having and eating food. It is an amazing gift.