I’ve always enjoyed working with small groups so when I was approached to create workshops at the Y I jumped at the chance. I will use this blog to pass on information regarding Martha’s Workshops.
Martha’s Workshops are designed around specific needs. They are limited to small groups of participants, and are lower in cost than personal training.
In February at the Skyview Y we had 3 people attending 4 sessions focused on goal setting. We talked about changing our eating habits and the participants who normally do only group exercise had the opportunity to learn to use the cardio/strength and conditioning machines in the fitness room.
It can be intimidating walking into a fitness room for the first time, but with friends and support, another form of reaching our fitness goals opens up. We had a lot of fun and learned what to use that was appropriate for each of us individually.
This month the workshop focus is on individual attention for those with knee, hip, or lower back challenges.
In April the sessions at Skyview will invite an opportunity to explore meditation for relaxation and stress relief.
Flyers are soon to be distributed at the Heinrich Y announcing a Martha’s Workshop beginning soon. I am also available for workshops at the Durango Y.

If you have any questions you can email me at mdanielson@lasvegasymca.org