Little did I know when I started this blog that I would be living in an even smaller space and hundreds of miles from the small condo I had in Las Vegas. So when I spread out my mat for the first time in Lindsborg, Kansas I thought of this blog page.

The furniture in the living room surrounds a space for my yoga practice and has views of grass, trees, flowers, intensely blue sky, brilliant white clouds,and with the windows and doors open I have a cool, fresh air.  I am reminded of past mornings when I have done yoga in the mountains, on the beach, and even on the roof of the YMCA in Las Vegas.

But yoga in a small space means more to me that the physical practice.  Yoga in a small space means inviting into the space peace, serenity, gratitude, joy, selfless service, gratitude, and Love.  Today I strive to live the spirit of yoga every minute of the day and bring that spirit into everything that I do.   Namaste