When I began sharing with others my upcoming move to Kansas several were responding with “…and what about the tornadoes in Kansas?”  Part of adjusting to the move involves changing my attitude towards weather.  In Las Vegas it was hot with the degrees of hot being reported.  That was it.  Only occasionally were we exposed to a change in the weather.

Living in Kansas is a whole new ballgame.  I know it’s crazy but I have been looking forward to what this country can produce weather wise in a rapid fashion.  In a space of several hours (and this has already happened in the week that I have been in Lindsborg) I have lived sunshine and clouds, dry and wet, hot and cold, windy and calm, clear skies and fog, and everything in the transitioning one to another.

I grew up in this place.  The weather and exposure to it is ingrained in my DNA.  Recently I was reading a book about a pioneer family who came to Lindsborg and homesteaded creating a life and being exposed to the same patterns of weather.  They begin their life in Kansas in a dugout home and their very life depended on the weather.  There is a strength that comes from living in this country; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  The weather here inspires a testing of the mind and the very soul of a person.

Returning to Kansas I no longer have to wonder why I have the strength and resilience that I find when meeting challenges.  Now I know.   This body and spirit has been shaped by the very weather that others could not or cannot wait to escape.  Instead of resistance to weather today I will embrace its variable forms.  I will appreciate the wind, rain, clouds, and sun because it is all a part of my spiritual journey today.