I’m beginning to find myself adapting to a Kansas lifestyle.  It’s a bit different from what I had living in Las Vegas for 50 years.

For example, I did not move here with nearly the amount of clothes that I now need.  I have never changed clothes so much in my life.  In Las Vegas I had two styles of clothing.  I had yoga clothes and casual clothes with the occasional shawl used to dress up or for comfort in air conditioning.

Kansas is a whole different ball game.  I get up in the morning and dress in long pants and a long sleeved shirt.  If I am going out I will need a jacket.  Wind breaker or fleece, it all  depends on what is going on outside.  I return an hour or two later ready to change into shorts and a tank top.  The sun is out and it is absolutely beautiful.

Then the clouds begin to form, the wind picks up, the air grows colder, and I’m ready for an afghan to cover me.  Its nap time!

It rains and later sitting outside means that the sweatshirt goes on and socks and long pants again.

Sleeping attire?   Well, it all depends on what is happening outside.

There is a lot of time spent changing clothes.  Then there is footwear.  Rain shoes, sneakers, sandals, and all kinds of socks.   And this does not even begin to address the “opening and the closing of the windows” routine that I am falling into.

Now to some this might be a challenge, but for now I kind if like it.  I’m never bored  and there is always something to do.  I only find that I am a bit intimidated by all those around me who have mastered the art of apparel.  Perhaps in time I will be capable of making it through a whole day in comfort.  Of course, there will always be, as  Kansan, a jacket in the backseat of the car.