OM, Hanuman, leap for me.

Instilling within me your courage

To overcome and conquer obstacles.

To take the mighty leaps of faith

When I am yearning to serve.

Embracing your spirit of

Bravery and perseverance.

My I find the fiery devotion

Of your expanding heart.

Reaching farther than is possible.

Knowing nothing is impossible.

And when my courage falters

And my faith is wavering,

OM, Hanuman, leap for me.

This poem came from an exercise in my Creative Writing class.  We were given several pages of titles of poems and invited to write our own poem using one of the titles.  Of course, I was immediately drawn to this title, what with my being a yoga instructor.  Hanuman, the monkey god, preformed amazing feats of courage that came from his willingness to serve.

Today is Mother’s Day.  For me, there is no service greater than that of a mother.  There are times when being a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother can be overwhelming.  Yet we carry on, turning to whatever we chose to believe has the power to carry us through.  Hold onto faith and hope.  The rewards are priceless.