While waiting in a state of anticipation for my great-granddaughter to arrive, I will share a poem that I wrote for her.

She is on her way from Texas with her mom and dad and they will be attending their first Kansas family reunion and also having the opportunity to enjoy the Midsummer Festival here in Lindsborg.

The poem came from a poetry writing workshop at the White Peacock.  It was hosted by the poetry club of Bethany College.  Those attending were invited to write a crazy phrase on a slip of paper.  The slips were exchanged and poems written.  I had fun with-

The So Sad Monkey


The so sad monkey

Hiding in its tree

Hanging from a branch

Swatting at a bee.


The so sad monkey

Why are you so sad?

Have you been mischievous?

Have you been really bad?


The so sad monkey

What you may need is love

Perhaps a lady monkey

Your monkey honey dove.