The assignment in creative writing was to write a poem about a piece of art.  I went to the Sandzen Gallery and found that I was drawn to this painting because it differs from the paintings that I associate with the artist.

Rockport Harbor 1948

My eyes rest on the village that sits upon a strand

Guarded from the waters.  Stone protects the land.

Houses painted colors of muted shades of leather;

Terra cotta, white, and tan, ripened by misty weather.

Windows look upon a sea whose silent edges hem the stone.

No raging waves to sweep and crash.  The Village seems so all alone.

No human mars the stillness.  No seagulls sweep the sky.

No tiny crabs to scuttle.  No life is passing by.

Here sits this silent village where waters lap the shore.

The very same waters that washed away the gore.

For World War II has ended leaving in its wake

Death and destruction, a peaceful world to make?

Time will pass.  The artist someday come to find

The boulder, frenzied colors that fill the awed mind

With strokes of lavish paint applied with such ability,

But I am drawn to the quiet village and its tranquility.