It begins with a shattered, shapely scene

Of color across my computer screen.

My eyes scan over pieces and I find

Shapes and colors begin to stir my mind.

Yellows, reds, and whites of varying hues.

I look closer and find that there are clues

To mentally place the pieces in a spot.

It seems to be an overwhelming lot.

And, then, my fingers finally find the place

That moves a tiny piece into a space,

Until a circle comes across a hole.

At last, I have achieved a happy goal.

And click!  I find the pieces meld and fuse.

Then look back at the segments and I muse.

Will that be my move or is it another;

This one, that one, or perhaps the other.

No, not that one.  It really does not fit.

I take a breath, relax, and then I sit

And look again.  At last!  So there it is!

The perfect piece will fit and so it tis.

Until at last through hours I am carried

And find the pieces happily met and married.