Unfortunately, I have spent much of my life in a place where my mind is racing and I am so very eager to move onto what I feel I should be doing next.  The challenge of this lifetime has been to overcome the need to do it all or be it all.  The blessing that yoga has given me is the awareness of how I have allowed my life to be governed by my thoughts and that thoughts no longer need to control my life.  The practice of postures and meditation have allowed me to be aware that it is not necessary to respond to every thought that passes through my head.  Instead of seeking peace and serenity in the outside world, I have achieved the ability to create the serenity I seek no matter where I am or what is going on around me.  It’s these insights that inspired me to write the following poem-

So much confusion raging in the head

From thoughts that, even in our bed,

Find us in a state of fear and dread

Rushing to be terminally dead.


I must do this

I mustn’t do that

I should do this

I shouldn’t do that

I need to be here

I need to be there

I must have this

I must have that

I mustn’t have those

All this thinking keep us on our toes.

The yogis say the mind is like a flame

To shelter it from anguish is our aim

Until at last we waken and we find

We are no longer living with a

Terminally boggled mind.