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I love to drink my fruit. Throughout the year and whenever fruit is in season I buy what I can, cut it into chunks and freeze it in containers. Blueberries, strawberries, everything in the melon family, bananas, cucumbers, etc. I also use ice cube trays to freeze lemon, prune and orange juice. The juice goes into marked plastic bags.
From this stockpiled fruit and with my handy-dandy blender I have everything to make all the smoothies I desire. I start with apple juice in the blender, add the frozen banana chips, and then anything else that comes to mind. The thickness and coldness depends on the proportion of frozen items to liquids.
I especially love melons and cucumbers when the weather is hot. This drink is so light and refreshing. I rarely feel the need for a soda.
My last great smoothie was made with apple juice, bananas, and frozen fresh figs. The figs can be picked, washed, tray frozen, and they are ready for use.
Also, for a gingery fruit drink, Fresh and Easy carries frozen cubes of ginger. One of these in a smoothie bumps up the flavor.
A smoothie dessert drink? Why not! I take chocolate almond or coconut milk, frozen banana chips and the frozen chocolate or vanilla cubes of almond or coconut milk, blend that up even adding vanilla or nutmeg and I have a delicious dessert drink. These give me the feeling of drinking a milk shake.
Why not be as creative with our food as with the creativity that we extend to other things that we do? It took me years to step away from the cookbook and structured recipes to finally embrace what I love and use what I love to enhance my life. It took me years to walk through fears and trust my instincts.
We are so blessed with such abundance. I embrace it all, savor it all, and discover that there is more that enough to satisfy. Namaste.

IMG_2112 I remember the first time I saw a container of crushed red peppers sitting benignly on the table at Tony’s Pizza in Salina, Ks. I was a teenager and this was my first experience with an “exotic” spice. Years later I began to cook and I would add it hesitantly into Italian dishes. Now it is my go addition; an addition whenever I want a full flavored dish- Italian or not.
When I use it I am reminded of how I passed through a portion of my life living beige. Everything about me was beige- my clothes, my home, my creative endeavors, and my food. I think of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, cream gravy and biscuits. Very, very good, very, very beige, and very, very me.
As I grew into a person of some self confidence ( walking through a whole lot of fears) color began to be incorporated into my life; a red scarf, a blue pillow, and a rainbow of fruit in a bowl on my dining table. Today you may recognize me from the colorful scarfs that I love to wear.
Back to red pepper flakes. So I made up a batch of fociccia dough and scoured the refrigerator for toppings finding Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. The only other things I needed was flavoring- sliced tomatoes, red and yellow peppers, white onions, coarse sea salt, pepper, seasoning salt, crushed red pepper flakes, and a drizzle of olive oil. Beige dough became bountiful with flavor.
It’s amazing how walking through fears and adding color/flavor can bring joy to our lives.