Having time to pray and meditate

       Hanging out in bed on a Sunday morning

Ideas that come to me in unexpected moments

      Nights that are warm and softly scented

Grand vistas of snow covered mountains

      Scents of jasmine and cinnamon


The light of love in my grandchildren’s eyes

      Hope for myself and others

A moment of clarity and bliss

      The thought that things are going to be OK



Making bread on a cold winter morning

      Answering the phone and hearing a friends voice

Kites in a cobalt blue shy

      Eating the perfect ripe tomato

Seeing the sun rise pink and gold


 Minding my own business

      Enjoying the first bites of my meal

Holding a baby and smelling the baby scent

      An unexpected letter from a friend

 Planning a new project

      Participating and feeling useful

Yielding and accepting that I am not in charge