IMG_0644I was introduced to meditation 40 years ago. I had read that meditation helped one to function better in the world and a person who meditated didn’t need as much sleep. This was an incentive for me since I was living in the crazy, 24-hour town of Las Vegas, NV. Learning the practice of Transcendental Meditation did help me and I didn’t even notice that i had been drawn into yoga.
Fast forward about 20 years when I picked up the book by Richard Hittelman and began to try and figure out asanas, or yoga postures; my second phase of a yoga practice.
Finally the entire picture fell into place when I had the opportunity to embrace all aspects of a yoga practice. The rest is history.
But I always come back to my roots in meditation. Yoga is stilling the fluctuations of the mind. We do it with postures, breath control, concentration, and personal/social ethics.
And now I have the opportunity to share my meditation practice with others. Those of us who will gather for Martha’s Stress Relief Workshop will have the opportunity to explore the many ways to calm the mind. I learned one way 40 years ago and love it, but I also know that there are as many ways to find peace and serenity as there are people in the world. I like the idea of choices, whether we have the choice for a day or a lifetime.
And who today could not use some peace, serenity, and living in the now.