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I was inspired to create this blog as a vehicle in which to show a yoga video that is being created for me.  Scary stuff!  I just want a video of a few minutes of the class that I have designed to introduce people who are new to yoga or perhaps who have a physical challenge who might benefit from a home yoga practice. So, with that in mind I will be sharing the process that I am going through to get that done. Right now I am learning to create a blog page, I am drawing a storyboard for the video, writing a script, and decorating the location of the video.  Nothing big, nothing fancy, just yoga in a small space, and done by a me, even though it will be shot by a professional.  With the last 25 years of my life devoted to being of service to others, I am hoping that sooner or later I will have completed this task without the extinction  of the rest of my very busy life.  I am reminded- one breath at a time/one day at a time.  Wish me luck!

And so I continue to explore another way to communicate.  This blog is making me think, create, explore the world of technology, and walk through a whole bunch of fears.  I’m not a “techy” person!  It takes me forever to figure things out.  Yet what else do I have but time.  This lifetime to learn and grow and walk through those fears.  I have made a commitment to sit down each day for a brief period of time to work with this material.  I will also remember that it’s OK to ask for help from family and friends and a Higher Power.  Occasional deep yogic breathing will help to keep me focused and out of the anxiety state.  One thing that I can promise- everything will change.  The picture, the page, the writing, and the life.

It’s Sunday morning and my quiet time. Only on Sundays do I have time in the morning to relax and ease into my day. This is the time when I can just be still and allow inspiration to take charge and today I am inspired to explore this new tool (my blog) for personal growth and recovery. This is my journey as I continue to uncover and discover who and what I am. I know today what I love; family, friends, yoga, cooking, reading, writing, and creating. I only ask to be guided to creating a better me and a better world.