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I’m so humbled by the response to my “poetry”.  I am not a poet.  I love words, writing them, but have lived my life with the concept that poetry emerged from words being forced into submission; into rhyming. Then one morning, the morning of  my best friend’s son’s funeral, I was compelled to write about him and his life.  What came out was verse that had a rhythm; a feeling on paper that could be written as a poem.  So occasionally, when doing my morning journaling, words seem to just form themselves in an organic way into what I feel should be a poem.  It just happens, coming from an inner space, and never with the thought that it could happen again.  

I feel distanced from the World

Yet part of the World

Out of touch with the World


People and events

Circle around me 

Like the planets of the Universe

Circle the Sun

I feel that I am the Sun

Centered and grounded in Faith

Blessed beyond all measure

Surrounded by Love.