Another morning- another opportunity to work on the stove.  I must start early these days before the sunlight reaches the patio where I sit to sand.  

Not much is going on in my head today and that’s a good thing.  After working on the stove a bit, I pick up the piece of the stove that is the door to the firebox.  Working on it a while I realize that a screw that attaches the damper to the door is now loose enough to be removed.  With the screw gone the pieces separate.   As I turn them over I can see the progress that I have made on the surfaces that I have been sanding.  I had forgotten how rusty and rough the stove was when I began.  

What I have learned over my lifetime is that it is the small things that we do every day that create changes.  I love reading the Yoga Sutras which remind me that it is the everyday practice that takes us toward transformation.  So to change the stove or to change my life, it’s what I do every day that makes the difference.  Sometimes we do not even notice the changes until one day we separate the pieces and see the difference.