What do we need in order to enjoy wonderful food? I have learned after many years that it is important for me to have the proper equipment for preparing food in my tiny kitchen. I have old reliables. I have not realized how reliable has been my stand mixer until my daughter spotted one just like mine in a museum in Austin, Texas this summer.
It must be over 40 years old and I have had thoughts of replacing it with one of those fancy Kitchenaids. Unfortunately, my kitchen is way too small for such a fancy appliance and they are very expensive.
I get sentimental as I think of how many amazing meals have been enhanced by the foods prepared using my Sunbeam mixer. How many cakes, cookies, breads, meatballs, muffins, candies, etc. have been created? Oh, and don’t forget the whipped cream!
Talk about reliable! I believe that one time I broke the large bowl that came with the mixer, but all the other parts are original; beaters, cord, small bowl, and I even still have the booklet that came with it.
I think I’ll keep my mixer and will appreciate it just a bit more every time I use it. Who knows, it may end up in a museum one day. IMG_2113