My reoccurring dream- I am in a big city, walking and enjoying the sights, then ending up lost and confused I am unable to find my way back to where I started.  Such is my life.  Trying something new, enjoying the learning process, at timers finding myself over my head, and searching for my way back to peace and serenity and the comfort of an old routine.  So where do I go for guidance to find my way back home?  The Sutras speak of  right knowledge and suggest that the  knowledge can be found in scriptures, ancient texts and writings.  I am not alone in figuring out life and where I am at today.  For me, the essence of all that has been written is Love.  So being reminded and guided by those who have gone before, I come back to the belief that all is well, it’s just a dream, and that Love is going to see me through whatever challenge is presented to me.  I will learn, I will grow, and I will be better able to help those who are also feeling lost.