Studying the Sutras this morning I am reminded that, for me, knowledge is gained from experience.  I’ve learned a lot from books and continue to do so and I also follow my instincts which tell me when I am moving in the right direction, but my true knowledge, for me,  is gained by doing something.    Pretty much all my life I have put myself down because I have never been able to decide on one thing and stick to it.  I am always trying new things, walking through fears, discovering what is good for me and what is not.  And through it all I have learned.  This is what I share with my yoga friends.  Stepping onto our mats we are invited to learn and explore with our bodies and our breath.  Then we are invited to take it out into the world, expanding our knowledge of ourselves and of the world.  It’s a gift; a blessing, and I hope that I never lose the opportunities to learn and grow. When I was young I thought that by the time I had reached my age I would have had it all figured out.  Life would be a dream, but I have never been the age I am now in this lifetime, so I am continuing to learn and grow, knowing that what I learn and the progress I make toward peace and serenity is never lost.  It’s my gift to the Universe, the only thing that I have to give, the only thing I have to share.