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IMG_0401As we step onto our yoga mats we may be seeking the perfect body or the perfect world.  Then we discover that yoga is about being at peace with our imperfect bodies and our imperfect world.  Several years ago at a training in Hood River, Or., surrounded by beautiful, capable, and gifted yogis as I had been for years, our master trainer, Stephanie, guided the class into a triangle pose.  Coming to my side and after making a small adjustment she quietly said the word “perfect”.  That one word touched the perfect place within me and I was forever changed.  We can call that place Goddess, God, Spirit, Goodness, Love, Light, or whatever we choose.  It’s within us all and always will be.  So today I say to you- “The Light (the Perfect) within me  bows to the Light (the Perfect) within in you.  Namaste”


Yoga invites us to explore the conditions of our mind as well as our body.  Some days I wake feeling awesome and ready to take on the world.  Other days my body is in such a condition that I need to take it easy, rest and relax, and enjoy a gentle practice.  Sturas 1:6-11 invite us to look into the condition of our minds.  Am I mentally coming from a place of peace, or is my mind distracted by implied fears, old memories, or gossip?  Being aware of the different conditions of the mind beings me to a state of awareness and I empower myself to change the negative thought patterns and bring my mind into a state of peace.  Peace does not come from the mind.  Peace comes from the stillness found between the thoughts- good or bad.  Today when I find myself anxious or in despair I will take a moment and rest in that place of peace.  In yoga we learn to love the stillness.   


Again I sit to write and study the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali  by Sri Swami Satchidananda.  Today I am reminded of the purpose of yoga.  It’s so much more that the physical postures.  Yoga invites us to find a way to quiet the mind and live in peace using the body and the breath as tools to achieve those goals.  Each time I sit to read and study I am given the opportunity to learn to incorporate practices into my daily life that will bring me peace.  Today what I am finding in 1:3 is that it is important to be acting from my heart, not influenced by ego or driven by my senses, I can live without expectations, and with compassion, kindness, generosity of Spirit, joy and peace of mind.  This is yoga.  This is the reason that each morning I awake to read, write, to move and breathe, to let go and embrace whatever the Universe brings me today.